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Home Inspections

The standard home inspection includes an assessment of every major system in the home including the exterior, roof, attic, insulation, ventilation, plumbing, mechanical systems, heating/cooling, electrical, and foundation. Our home inspectors utilize advanced equipment including a thermal imaging camera and moisture meter to detect areas of the home where hot/cold air or moisture can penetrate from the outside.


How It Works

We use state-of-the-art home inspection software that generates a type-written report with photos included. Many other home inspectors use a handwritten checklist report that does not include photos. 

Our full inspection of the major systems in your home including the exterior, roof, attic, insulation, ventilation, plumbing, mechanical systems, heating/cooling, electrical, and foundation.

Depending on the size of your home, inspections typically last between 3 and 4 hours. We will document and photograph defects and the general condition in a thorough, easy to understand, home inspection report. The report will be emailed within 1-2 days after the inspection. After the inspection is complete, we will walk you through the property pointing out the critical areas identified in the report.

New Build Final Inspection

While there are a number of inspections during the building process, the final inspection is usually the most comprehensive.  A typical final inspection could include the following and more depending on the requirements of the structure:

Permits and Plans

  • Permit and approved plans are accessible and on-site, Permit information is correct, All other inspections have been performed adequately



  • All penetrations flashed and sealed properly, Spark arresters installed on the chimney, 6" distance from soil to wood siding/trim, Proper grading


Decks, Stairs and Walkways

  • All deck material treated or naturally resistant to decay, Proper fasteners for pressure treated, fire-retardant-treated wood, Ledgers for decks bolted to structure properly, All stairs are provided with illumination,Stair riser height and tread width, Handrails and guards of proper height



  • The garage door to house is weatherstripped,Sheetrock joints and fasteners taped properly, Solid fire-rated door between garage and house 



  • Attic access where required and located in accessible areas, Proper insulation and thickness is installed


Crawl Space

  • Ventilation is unobstructed, Vapor barrier is installed correctly and has proper thickness, Insulation is installed against bottom of floor


Smoke Alarms

  • If required, they are properly placed and installed, Smoke alarms on every floor 


Windows and Glazing

  • Window sills are proper height, Safety glazing installed in hazardous locations, Window has proper pressure/energy rating per house plans

Roof Inspection.JPG

Pre-Listing Inspection

The truth is buyers place a very high value on knowing that a reputable, licensed, and insured professional has inspected your property. Pre-Purchase Inspections conducted after your contract has been signed may result in considerable discounting or even worse... your sale's collapse.

Providing an inspection report right up front at listing gives your buyer a greater sense of confidence and certainty. Your transparency better protects your listing price and gives you a greater chance of more reliable offers which translate to a better selling price. 

And it protects you long after settlement from the buyer making any claims that you misrepresented the property to them or concealed defects.

When Should I Have a Pre-Listing Inspection?
If you have any reason to be uncertain about what a Pre-Purchase Inspection might reveal about the state of repair of your property because of its past history or age then don't hesitate in organizing your Pre-Sale Inspection prior to listing... better to be forewarned and forearmed than unpleasantly surprised.

What Happens if My Pre-Listing Inspection Finds Problems?
Then the decision is yours. Now that you're aware of defects that may adversely affect your property's market value, you can choose to undertake the necessary repairs or renovations prior to listing or you can simply reflect these in your price. You choose... so you sell your home faster for the price you want.

And If I Decide to Undertake Repair or Improvement Works Prior to Listing?
You should take professional advice from a number of experienced and fully licensed builders. Ensure that your works are properly specified with detailed written quotes by reputable, licensed, and insured professionals who come with references.

1-Year Warranty Inspection

New construction homes typically come with a “One Year Limited Warranty”. Some items listed under this warranty may or may not be visible to the inexperienced eye. Some of the more common items generally are revealed during this type of inspection and may include:

Structural: Foundation, Drainage Around Foundation, Roof Covering, Roof Structure, Interior & Exterior Surfaces (brick veneer, wood veneer, interior sheetrock and wall covering), Ceilings & Floors, Interior & Exterior Doors, Windows (screens, thermal pane leaks, locks, and window operation), Fireplaces & Chimneys

Electrical: Service Entrance Wires, Distribution Wires, Panel Boxes, Sub-panel Boxes, Breakers & Fuses, Receptacles (outlets), Switches & Fixtures

Operational Systems: Sprinkler Systems, Pools & Spas, Gas Supply Systems, Septic Systems

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning: Gas or Electric Heating Equipment, Air Conditioning (indoor & outdoor units), Ductwork, plenums & registers,


Plumbing: Exterior Water Hose Faucets, Interior Faucets & Fixtures (commodes, tubs & showers), Laundry Connections, Drains, Waste & Vents, Water Heaters (gas or electric)

Appliances: Dishwashers, Disposals, Range Hoods, Range, Cooktops, Ovens, Microwaves, Trash Compactors, Bathroom Exhaust Fans & Heaters, Garage Door Openers, Door Bells, Dryer Vents

Many of these issues can be resolved relatively easy if corrected in a timely manner, but if left unresolved and/or undetected may turn into expensive costly repairs for you, the homeowner.

7 - New Home.png

Home Inspection

9 - New Build.png

New Build Final Inspection

8 - Pre Listing.png

Pre-Listing Inspection

10 - 1 Year Warrenty.png

1-Year Warranty Inspection

Our Home Inspection includes structural components and mechanical systems including electrical, heating/cooling, plumbing, appliances, foundation, roof, exterior, and interior.

​For full details and pricing contact our office.

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