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Pool Inspection

A pool is a great feature in a home, and often adds to the value of a home. But a pool that is not in good condition can be a money pit. It's important to get a full inspection of a pool before you purchase. A pool inspection will make you more confident in your pool and help you make an informed decision when you are ready to buy.

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How It Works

Typically, the inspection will begin with a thorough walk-around of the pool area, looking for any issues with the pool deck, the coping, and the mastic that connects the two. The walk-around will also check the area around the pool for appropriate safety features, such as secure fencing and properly latching gates. The inspector will also inspect the pool liner and foundation for any leaks, cracks, or other damage.

All of the hardware in and around the pool will also be checks. That means inspecting drains, lights, handrails, and ladders to make sure they are properly installed and safely in place. If there is a diving board it will be checked to make sure that it is properly secured to the deck and has no cracks or other signs of damage or weakening. In addition to the pool itself, a pool inspector will inspect all of the pool equipment. This includes filters, pumps, heaters, plumbing, timers, and any other electrical components involved in the pool’s functioning.

The goal of a professional inspector is to determine what damage, if any, is affecting the pool. They also make note of any possible repairs or replacement parts that will be required to bring the pool into full working condition. When the inspection is complete, the inspector will prepare a full report, outlining their findings. This report will document any necessary repairs and can be used in closing negotiations when purchasing the house.

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Pool Inspection

A complete visual inspection and exam of surface, tile, coping, decking and fence, pump, filter and valves, chlorination system, heater, lights and accessories.

​For full details and pricing contact our office.

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